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Amore's Biography -- Viviana

Amore was much more than a cute fluffy dog.......,she was my best friend, and my soul mate. The energy We shared was extraordinary. Her eyes seeking deeply into my mind and soul, as if she knew me completely and if she could talk, she wouldn't anyway, because there was not anything to say; it was already being said by the gaze We shared. Amore had a very old soul....... Her life lesson to me was to teach me about unconditional love. I got Amore at a pet store when she was only 10 weeks old, I wanted to buy a little toy Yorki instead, but my friend convinced me to buy a Bichon, and plus Amore had that desperate look on her face like she was begging me to take her home. So I did! I took her home and since that day she slept with me in my bed for 14 years straight. During those nights, i held her close to my heart and shared tears, joy, pain, and many lonely moments...........We grew together day by day physically and spiritually to the point that We were actually communicating with Our thoughts. Amore traveled with me wherever I went, she would be at any photo shoot possible, and always enjoyed being in front of the camera. I have many photographs to share and proof of that. When Amore passed I realized that She waited for me to have a big family with 5 other dogs, which one of them turned out to be a little T-cup yorki named Maggie, which she died a few months before Amore's death........... Amore waited till I had a new loving husband, and my mother living with me......... she waited for the right time to say goodbye, and made sure I was not going to be alone.........I truly believe that in the last 2 years she managed to change my whole life around for better, and for me not to be alone......... once she was gone. All she lived for was to love me, and take care of me.........she looked up at me, she definitely was my #1 Fan. For me......., she was my reason to live, my reason to come home, my reason to believe that THAT KIND of love can heal anything and give you strength , hope.......... to move on, no matter how bad things could get!!!! It's been 5 months now since I last held Amore in my arms, and kissed her little face........ there's not one day I don't think of her, and let a tear run down my face........ but I now always end up with a smile on my face when I think of her, and all the memories We have........ Amore managed to send me 2 little new puppies ...... one like the one I saw when I first got Amore at the pet store......a little tea cup yorki named CADIE, and just like Maggie was.....the other puppy I have now is a fluffy white Bichon, I named her SOUL, like Amore told me too in one of my dreams, two days after she died........As I am still here in this life, I will always cherish my Amore, and I will always carry that loving feeling for her, and all the love We shared for 14 years........ Until one day I'll see her again in Heaven, and We'll hold each others forever.......Our love is ETERNAL.